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The transition to a high tech-driven, circular agriculture is the key target of this research project. The project will deliver new sensor applications and AI tools that will realize a productivity boost via a data-driven potato production system within the framework of circular agriculture.

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The TTADDA project is finished!

13 March 2024

Last December the public-private partnership TTADDA we finished this inspiring four year project, below a short summary of the impact we managed to realize together with all the partners involved.

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New paper titled Effect of varying UAV height on the precise estimation of potato crop growth has been published!

18 August 2023

Monitoring potato phenotypic traits accurately is essential for improving the quality and yield of superior potato varieties, especially considering susceptibility to diseases like early blight and the direct influence of growth characteristics on yield. Traditional manual height sampling for monitoring crop growth faces limitations in estimating height due to complex potato crop canopies.

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