The TTADDA project is finished!

13 March 2024

Last December the public-private partnership TTADDA we finished this inspiring four year project, below a short summary of the impact we managed to realize together with all the partners involved.

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New paper titled Effect of varying UAV height on the precise estimation of potato crop growth has been published!

18 August 2023

Monitoring potato phenotypic traits accurately is essential for improving the quality and yield of superior potato varieties, especially considering susceptibility to diseases like early blight and the direct influence of growth characteristics on yield. Traditional manual height sampling for monitoring crop growth faces limitations in estimating height due to complex potato crop canopies.

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New paper on ‘UAV usage for detection of nematodes’ has been published

22 March 2023

Potato production can suffer substantial yield losses due to high population densities of the potato cyst nematodes (PCN) Globodera pallida and G. rostochiensis. This study aims to evaluate the use of an unmanned vehicle (UAV) to detect and estimate the effect of PCN densities on four cultivated potato cultivars in a naturally infested field in the Netherlands.

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Site-specific visual yield determination in seed potato harvesting

12 November 2022

Multiple projects, among which TTADDA, have contributed to the successful development of a precision camera-based potato yield mapping system. This visual yield mapping system is the next step in closing the precision agriculture cycle, providing crystal-clear insights in the potatoes harvested per square meter.

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Live meetings are essential in Dutch Japanese partnerships

27 October 2022

The TTADDA project was launched in 2020 and its full name summarizes the goal of the project which states: ‘Transition Towards a Data driven Agriculture, for collaboration between Japan and The Netherlands on potato’.

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Sensors visualise potato tuber growth

24 December 2021

In the new era of Agriculture nowadays, the use of high technology attracts young farmers and offers solution. Potato cultivation is one of the examples. Data about the crop could help the farmer with harvest forecasting and growth monitoring by using simple sensors. 

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Promising results of scoring with drones in diploid hybrids

22 December 2021

In 2021 Researchers from WUR and Solynta collaborated in a field trial, in which we aimed to improve and digitalize data collection in time during the season.

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Data driven field crop production in The Netherlands

30 November 2021

The Netherlands is a country known for advanced initiatives in precision agriculture. Data driven VRA application, Akkerweb/FarmMaps, is a good example of how precision agriculture can help to achieve greater efficiency and yields.

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Transition Towards a Data Driven Agriculture (TTADDA)

22 October 2021

Digitizing agriculture to improve the yield of potatoes and lowering emissions and water usage. That’s the main goal of this research project. The research team is developing new methods for below and above ground sensing and multiple techniques, like radar, x-ray, hyperspectral imaging and impedance tomography.

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The Netherlands and Japan are seeking collaboration for the digitisation of potato cultivation

22 September 2021

With an increasing interest in smart agriculture, robotization, and automation, the importance of collaboration between the Netherlands and Japan is receiving a lot of spotlights these days.

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