Promising results of scoring with drones in diploid hybrids


In 2021 Researchers from WUR and Solynta collaborated in a field trial, in which we aimed to improve and digitalize data collection in time during the season.

Drone images were taken of 203 different hybrids every week to measure soil coverage of the canopy. To compare the results of the image analysis with the standard method, ground coverage as measured manually as well. Despite some difficulties with weeds in the field, soil coverage in time determined by the drone images showed a high correlation with the manual measurements. These results are very promising, and lead to a higher interest in performing measurements in breeding trials using drones at Solynta.

To develop these results into a method to phenotype breeding trials, Solynta recently announced a vacancy for digital phenotyping data analyst: Digital Phenotyping Data Analyst (MSc, Full time) –


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