Work Packages

Work Packages overview


Overview of the 7 work packages in the TTADDA project and how they are connected.

WP1 - Above ground multi sensor plant stress

Leader: Gerrit Polder

Virtual mission Japan

Short summary / roundtable session

WP2 - Below ground sensor fusion tubers in soil

Leader: Joseph Peller

Partner: IMEC


Short summary / roundtable session

WP3 - Data structuring

Leader: Bernardo Maestrini

Partner: NTT Data

NTT B2match

Short summary / roundtable session

WP4 - Use cases

Leader: Koen van Boheemen & Corne Kempenaar

Partner: Kubota

Machines in Data Driven Agriculture

Short summary / roundtable session

WP5 - Link & disseminate

Leader: Keiji Jindo

WP6 - NARO/Japan

Leader: Jochen Hemming

Partner: NARO


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WP6 facilitates the collaboration between the Japanese consortium partners, specifically NARO, and WUR. Within this WP the activities carried out in The Netherlands in the technical WPs of TTADDA (above ground sensing, below ground sensing, data structuring, use cases) are aligned with potato research activities done by NARO in Japan. Researchers from both organizations will discuss progress on a regular base and will exchange data, methods and results for mutual benefit.

WP7 - Project management

Leader: Rick van de Zedde

Partner: NPEC

NPEC introduction